AI-enabled Mental Health Screening & Monitoring

We help care providers and payers easily screen and monitor the mental health of their members and patients

Depression is a global public health challenge

Depression is a colossal public health challenge. According to the WHO, it affects more than 300 million people, and is a leading disability worldwide.

Existing management tools for depression are outdated leading to severe under-diagnosis and under-treatment of the disease. Up to 75% of those affected never receive any care.


Major advances in artificial intelligence and voice technology are solving this problem.

At Ensofy, we are building an AI-enabled, vocal screening tool for depression. We help caretakers, providers, and payers easily manage the mental health of their members and patients at scale.

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Depression is a largely under-diagnosed and under-treated disease. Up to 75% of those affected never receive any care.



Identifying depression early is difficult - even for the healthcare professionals.

Only 1 in 5 primary care physicians records the mental health of their patients.


On the rise

As a result of the COVID-19, the number of people reporting depression symptoms has risen by 300%.

Human Voice is a Window into the Human Mind.

As early as 1927, clinical psychiatrists noted the distinct voice pattern that depressed patients have.

Today, human voice is be used as a powerful tool to manage various mental health disorders.

At Ensofy, we are developing an AI-enabled screening and monitoring tool for depression, called VoiceAI. VoiceAI requires only 30 seconds of free-form human voice to evaluate the person's mental health. It works by analyzing a set of vocal features associated to depression, called vocal biomarkers.

VoiceAI can be integrated in any digital health platform - enabling providers and payers to seamlessly manage the mental health of their patients and members.

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up to 80%



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