AI-enabled Mental Health Monitoring

We help healthcare providers easily screen and monitor the mental health of their patients

Depression is a global public health challenge

Depression is a colossal public health challenge. According to the WHO, it affects more than 300 million people worldwide, and up to 75% of them never receive any care.

Existing screening and monitoring tools for depression are outdated and largely underutilized. Major advances in artificial intelligence and voice technology can address this challenge.

At Ensofy, we are building an AI-enabled, vocal screening tool for depression. It allows healthcare providers to easily monitor and manage the mental health of their patients.

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Depression is a largely under-diagnosed and under-treated disease.


Up to 75% of those affected never receive any care.



Identifying depression early-on is challenging - even for healthcare professionals.


Only 1 in 5 primary care physicians (GPs) records the mental health of their patients in their health records.



There are more than 300 million people affected by depression, globally.

As a result of the pandemic, the number of people reporting depression symptoms has risen by 300%.

State-of-the-art solution backed by the science.

A human voice is a window into the human mind. As early as 1927, clinical psychiatrists noted the distinct voice pattern that depressed patients have. Today, human voice can be used as a powerful tool to manage mental health disorders.

At Ensofy, we are developing an AI-enabled screening and monitoring tool for depression called VoiceAI. VoiceAI requires only 30 seconds of free-form human speech to evaluate the person's mental health.

We support caretakers and healthcare providers to effectively manage the mental health of their patients and users.

VoiceAI Stats

up to 80%

Accuracy Rate


Minutes of Voice



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