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Unlock the Power of Human Voice with Ensofy's AI Vocal Biomarkers Technology - VoiceAI


Our API-first approach ensures that vocal biomarkers technology can be easily integrated into any virtual or hybrid care platform. It can help caretakers effectively manage the mental health of their patients through digital health applications both in real-time and asynchronously. 

Early Detection & Intervention

Vocal biomarkers technology can detect changes in an individual's speech patterns, which can serve as early warning signs of mental health conditions. This can help caretakers intervene early and prevent the condition from worsening.

Objective & Easy to use

By using vocal biomarkers technology, caretakers can gather valuable information about an individual's mental health without having to rely solely on subjective reports and questionnaires. This can help reduce the burden on caretakers while at the same time enable continuous, objective monitoring of patient mental health.

Want to learn how vocal biomarkers can benefit you as a healthcare provider?

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