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Gain insights into your patients/members mental health using only their voice

Vocal Biomarkers API

VoiceAI works by analyzing specific vocal cues in the human voice to assess person's mental health. Vocal biomarkers technology has been validated through academic and clinical research. Our API-first approach ensures that VoiceAI can be integrated in any virtual or hybrid care platform and seamlessly assist caretakers in real-time.


VoiceAI is content- and language-agnostic and requires only 30 seconds of human voice. This means that caretakers don't need to ask specific questions to the patients/members and look for specific vocal cues to receive the results of the analysis. 

Improve the Key Metrics

VoiceAI helps healthcare providers and payers improve the most important metrics at their organization, including patient/member health outcomes, care experience, treatments costs and caretaker productivity.

Want to learn how vocal biomarkers can benefit your organization?

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