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Research Study

Prediction of Major Depressive Disorder in Italian Patients using VoiceAI

In partnership with Medic4all Italia, a leading Italian telemedicine provider, Ensofy has launched a 12-month research pilot to test Ensofy's vocal biomarkers technology in primary care patients. The VoiceAI technology will be deployed on Medic4all's telehealth platform. Medic4all has been operating in the Italian market for more than 20 years, covering nearly 1 million patients and a wide range of medical specialties. Ensofy's vocal biomarkers technology will help the healthcare provider expand its mental health screening and care services and improve the patient health outcomes and aid physician decision-making. The pilot will test the technology with a select group of patients, and will evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of the vocal biomarkers in screening major depressive disorder compared to current standards.

The research pilot is part of the broader HosmartAI project. HosmartAI, which stands for Hospital Smart development based on AI, aims to be a key player in the digital transformation of the European healthcare sector. Funded by the EU's Horizon Europe programme, the HosmartAI initiative aims to revolutionize the way patients are diagnosed and treated in European healthcare systems. The HosmartAI platform provides a common open integration platform with the necessary tools to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies. Our joint collaboration with HosmartAI will help us to bring vocal biomarkers technology to a range of healthcare systems across Europe.

The ongoing pilot is an excellent opportunity for us to validate the vocal biomarkers technology in a real-world setting. The pilot is expected to generate valuable data and insights - paving the way for future partnerships and collaborations with healthcare providers around the world.

If you'd like to learn more about the project or discuss a possible partnership, feel free to contact the project lead - Irakli Lezhava at

Acknowledgment: This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project HosmartAI (grant agreement No 101016834).

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