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Clinical Pilot

Prediction of major depressive disorder in Italian Patients using VoiceAI

In partnership with Medic4all Italia, a leading Italian telemedicine provider, Ensofy launched a 12-month clinical pilot to test VoiceAI in primary care patients. Ensofy's vocal biomarkers technology aimed to help the healthcare provider expand its mental health screening and care services, improve patient health outcomes, and aid physician decision-making. The pilot tested the technology with a select group of patients and evaluated the accuracy and effectiveness of the vocal biomarkers in screening major depressive disorder compared to current standards.​ The pilot is part of the HosmartAI (Hospital Smart development based on AI) project. The HosmartAI platform provides a common open integration platform with the necessary tools to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies.

The pilot was an excellent opportunity to validate the vocal biomarkers technology in a real-world setting. The pilot generated valuable data and insights, paving the way for future partnerships and collaborations with healthcare providers around the world. Positive results from the pilot demonstrated the potential of vocal biomarkers to enhance mental health screening and improve patient outcomes, thereby supporting the integration of this technology into broader healthcare practices.​ Stay tuned for an upcoming journal publication!


Read about the role vocal biomarkers will play in the management of mental health disorders.

Ensofy VoiceAI whitepaper presents the transformative potential of voice technology and AI in managing mental health disorders, with a particular focus on depression. The whitepaper highlights the global burden of depression, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the limitations of current treatment approaches, particularly the difficulty primary care physicians face in diagnosing depression.

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