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Announcing EU-funded Clinical Pilot with Leading Telehealth Provider in Italy

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a commercial pilot with an European healthcare provider, called Medic4all Italia. Medic4all is a leading Italian telehealth provider covering almost 1 million patients and a wide range of doctors from different specialties. The pilot program will deploy and test Ensofy's VoiceAI - our AI-based proprietary vocal biomarkers technology - on Medic4all's telehealth platform.

The research pilot is part of the HosmartAI project. HosmartAI, which stands for Hospital Smart development based on AI, aims to be a key player in the digital transformation of the European healthcare sector. Funded by EU's Horizon Europe programme, HosmartAI initiative aims to revolutionize the way patients are diagnosed and treated in European healthcare systems. HosmartAI platform provides a common open integration platform with the necessary tools to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies.

The partnership with Medic4all and HosmartAI is a significant milestone for Ensofy, and we are excited to see how our technology can improve patient outcomes and contribute to the advancement of mental healthcare across Europe and beyond. We are confident that this partnership will generate valuable data and insights. It will help us refine and improve our vocal biomarkers technology, paving the way for future partnerships with healthcare providers.

At a time when telemedicine and remote healthcare services are becoming more important than ever, vocal biomarker technology is poised to play a critical role in the future of mental health care.

We look forward to working closely with our partners at Medic4all and HosmartAI over the next 12 months to test our technology and evaluate its effectiveness in managing patient mental health. We will be sharing updates on the progress of the pilot program and the future of vocal biomarkers technology in healthcare, so stay tuned for more exciting news!

Acknowledgment: This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project HosmartAI (grant agreement No 101016834)

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